Meet The Characters of Keep The Grass Cut Low: Learning to Trust Again

Victoria Stevens  is a petite African American woman in her late 20’s. She is a survivor of child abuse and neglect, having endured an abusive childhood in New York City after the deaths of her parents. Her only living family members were her Uncle Dave and Aunt Olivia, and when she was a high school student her uncle murdered her aunt in a fit of rage. Victoria considers her best friends Ivy and Alex Calhoun her only family members. Victoria is also a domestic violence survivor and is divorced from her crazy and abusive ex-husband, a man that she began dating during her college years. Victoria is a master’s-level professional and has worked in the field of human services since her college days. She is funny and sarcastic at times, and takes no mess from the people trying to take advantage of her. She’s loyal to her friends and has a good heart. Victoria is sexy and smart, but feels unworthy of a strong, healthy relationship because of her upbringing and the long-term abusive relationship with her ex-husband. As a professional woman she makes smart choices and works hard to remain strong and independent.

Jesse Borovkov is a white man in his early 30’s who resides at the shelter where Victoria works. He is tall, athletic, attractive, sexy, strong and intelligent. He was raised by his father, the president of the Dark Wolves Motorcycle Club and his stepmother, a counseling professional. His family is wealthy and he’s used to getting what he wants. Jesse ended up residing at the shelter after his father ordered him to leave the Borovkov residence immediately upon discovering that Jesse dropped out of law school. After quitting law school and getting kicked out of the house, Jesse bounced around, going from job to job and from woman to woman, never settling down. After he became homeless, Jesse couch surfed for a while before finally entering the shelter facility, where he received advice on getting his life back on track. During the time that Jesse and Victoria met, he had been working successfully at a local real estate agency and was considering returning to law school.

Ivy Calhoun is Victoria’s former roommate and best friend. She is an accountant and works downtown.

Alex Calhoun is Ivy’s husband and Victoria’s close friend. He works in midtown as a corporate attorney.


Greg LaRue is Victoria’s boss at A Better Choice. Originally from Canada, he is rumored to have murdered a Canadian police officer during his youth. With help from family members, he relocated to the United States and turned his life around. He’s a good boss and he and Victoria have a good working relationship.



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Keep The Grass Cut Low is my latest book series. It begins with the story of Victoria Stevens and Jesse Borovkov and is based on my first book series, Someone to Love, which I created while under contract with my former publisher.


Keep The Grass Cut Low: Learning to Trust Again is Book 1 in the series and introduces the reader to Victoria Stevens, a divorced African American shelter counselor and her smoking hot boyfriend Jesse Borovkov, who resides at the facility where she works.  It is a dark, multicultural romance that takes place in Massachusetts, where Victoria attended college and began her career in the field of human services. Victoria leaves the Empire State and relocates to the Bay State after she loses her job at a youth program in upstate New York due to budget cuts. When she relocated to Massachusetts, she began working as a temporary employee at a shelter, where she meets and falls in love with Jesse.